How Crucial Fire Safety Doors are in Office Buildings

How Crucial Fire Safety Doors are in Office Buildings

For those of us who work in large office buildings, it is important that we feel safe in our workplace and know that our employers have met the required safety and OH&S standards. It gives us peace of mind and allows us to focus on our work without the concern of safety hazards. This includes fire safety as well. 

Fire doors are known as a buildings’ ‘passive’ fire protection system and are an essential requirement for public buildings, offices, strata buildings and factories. In certain countries, some domestic homes are even equipped with fire doors.

The purpose of fire doors is to stop the spread of fire by containing it to certain parts of the office or building. The aim is to keep the fire in the section in which it started and prevent it from moving through different rooms and blocking exits. Fire doors protect occupants, giving them a safe route to escape and reduce property damage from smoke and fire. 

Fire doors function just like every other door during normal use. It’s only when a fire breaks out that they are put to use for the purpose they were built for; to protect lives and offer protection to other parts of the building. 

Fire doors are designed and built to withstand the spread of fire for a given period of time, normally a minimum of 30 minutes. This allows time for inhabitants of a building to escape. They may be of solid construction or made with a special core and seals, fitted into either the door or frame, which seal the door on impact with heat. This stops the spread of fire and/or smoke around the edges of the door.

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