Fire Doors & Frames

Your business represents a significant investment—so why would you protect that investment with anything less than the best door, flooring, plywood or timber products? You need the strongest and most reliable fire doors for your Sydney business, and you need latches and closers that keep the most determined intruders at bay. Luckily, you can find all this and more when you shop with Bismac Pty Ltd.

Since 1979, we have supplied builders and small businesses with a variety of timber board and solid core door products. We specialise in fire product supply and installation, but we can also help you with other items, like veneered particleboard flooring. Each product consists of reliable, quality materials that'll keep your business safe.

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Our varied selection includes everything from MDF boards to fire-rated pillows. So whether you need marine plywood or fire doors for your Sydney property, we're sure to have a product that meets your needs. See what we have to offer by clicking on the links below.

If you have any questions about specifications or installation, call us on (02) 9319 6751 for more information. We also provide free quotes so you know what to expect before you make your purchase.