The Facts About Fire Doors that all Strata Managers Should Know

The Facts About Fire Doors that all Strata Managers Should Know

As a strata manager, it is imperative that you understand why fire doors are necessary and what their purpose serves in your building.

Fire doors are commonly known as a passive fire protection system because, whilst they don’t actually extinguish a fire, they help to stop the fire from spreading throughout other parts of the building. Their purpose is to essentially contain the fire and minimize damage.

As per the Building Commissions 2006 Essential Safety Measures Maintenance Manual, a fire door must be self-closing or close automatically on the operation of an approved sensing device or on the loss of power supply. Self-closing means equipped with a device that returns the door to the fully closed position immediately after each opening and each fire door must have a metal tag attached as required by AS 1905.1, and latch sets and closers should also be marked.

Other requirements include annual checks to ensure the fire doors are operating correctly, that they are clearly labelled and are not obstructed by any objects.

At Bismac, we are experts in fire doors and have great working relationships with many strata managers to ensure our clients are meeting their requirements and are supplied with quality fire doors that will help keep their residents and their buildings safe. 

We know how important the safety of your residents is to you so we offer a full service where we can come to you, assess your property and give you an accurate quote so you know exactly what to expect. Our professional team will provide you with detailed information about the fire doors and the process involved in installing them. 

For more information about fire doors for your strata building, get in touch with our Sydney based team today!
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